Orlando is a city in the United States, the second largest in Florida after Miami. Like Las Vegas, Orlando is almost entirely in the grip of fantasy. This is the place to go when you want to imagine yourself where it is impossible to get to: maybe Hogwarts, or maybe Cinderella's castle, or ancient Jerusalem, or the world of Dr. Seuss, or an African safari. And again, like a Vegas casino, Orlando's theme parks work hard to continually remain a fun and exciting place where your only concern can be your enjoyment. Even outside of the theme parks, Orlando can delight you with a festive and fun atmosphere thanks to the fact that it is full of fairy-tale and cartoon characters and various models made of fiberglass.

General information

Orlando, in fact, is a real city to explore: parks with different types of flora and fauna, art museums, orchestra, cafes. And just outside the city begins the world of wild Florida - so mesmerizing and strange that Ripley never dreamed of.


Useful contacts

For city information, good multilingual guides and maps, visit the Official Visitor Center Orlando's Official Visitor Center.


From Orlando International Airport (Orlando International Airport) are buses and taxis in the main tourist area. Mears Transportation offers buses for $ 20- $ 30 per person. Greyhound serves many cities. Amtrak runs daily trains south to Miami and north to New York City.


Orlando's bus network is operated by Lynx (day trip / pass $ 2 / 4.50) . I-Ride Trolley (adults / children $ 1 / free; 8.00-22.30) belong to buses that run no l-Dr.


While driving, note that 1-4 is the main link between north and south, however this road is designated as an east-west direction, which creates confusion. To go north, take 1-4 east (towards Daytona) ; to head south, take direction 1-4 west (towards Tampa) . The main east-west roads are Hwy 50 and Hwy 528 (the Bee Line Expwy) , which provide access to Orlando International Airport.

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